Friday, October 19, 2012

Changes (for the better)

It's been a while since I last posted, but here's an update on several things that have changed.

1)  I now only refer to Miss X as Domina.  I am not worthy of calling her by her name, and she is my
everything.  As a matter of respect, and so that I know my place, this is entirely appropriate.  I do as I'm told.

2)  Domina is much more demanding, and to me seems more comfortable demanding what she wants, and reminding me of my place and the only things I'm useful to her for (laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc).

3)  For awhile now, Domina only has intimate relationships with real men.  She's finally told me that I do not, and never have been able to please her sexually. She's decided that she will only have sex with real men, and in her eyes I am definitely not a real man.  This is permanent.

4)  Domina enjoys punishing and making me do things to remind me of my place and what she thinks of me.  I am now required to ALWAYS wear my CB6000-Short/Small (she finds it very funny that the only chastity device that works for me is the smallest one we could find).

5)  Since I am not a man in her eyes, I am required to only wear panties every day.

6)  I am required to send her pictures every day, wearing my device/cage and wearing my panties.Here are the required pictures for today (taken in my office while at work):


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