Saturday, October 20, 2012

Domina will ALWAYS get what she wants!!!

In my last post, I mentioned that Domina only has intimate relationships with REAL men.

A little background is in order.  She has wants and needs that I've never been able to meet.  For the longest time, before our relationship has evolved to where we are now, she was not completely honest about my failure to satisfy her.  When we started changing the dynamic of our our relationship, with her being in charge of every facet of our lives, everything started to change.

I shared my need to serve Domina, because I realize that she is superior to me in every way.  She's much more intelligent than me; she has an amazing personality; and is the sexiest, most beautiful woman I've ever known. I'm just lucky that she tolerates me. 

As she's gotten more accustomed to being completely open about her wants and needs, she bluntly informed me that I never have pleased her sexually. The primary reasons for my failures to please her physically (the way a husband... and real man should) is my extreme lack of size and the fact that I cannot last more than a minute or two.  I have what Domina mockingly calls my "little clitty". 

I have been told that it's been many many years since she's had any actual sexual excitement or desire to have sex with me. She loves sex, and really enjoys being with a real man.  She really likes every aspect of an intimate relationship with a real man who can actually get her excited.   She loves kissing a real man; she loves foreplay with a real man; she loves pleasing a real man (orally, by taking a real man's cock-that she can actually feel); and she gets extremely excited by a real man.

Domina informed me that she's always been able to cum very easily when she's been with a real man, and usually several times.  She informed me that in her eyes, I am NOT a man. 

She told me that since the beginning of our relationship (even before we officially had an 'open' relationship), that whenever she really needed to feel like a woman, to have any sexual excitement and to actually cum during sex, she's gone out and had intimate relationships with REAL men.  She says that virtually every man she's ever been with, pleases her (she loves sex and cums hard and often when she's excited).  Virtually every man she's been with sexually makes her feel things I've never been able to, and that they all have felt parts of her, that I never have and never will. Specifically, she loves feeling a cock sliding into her, and filling places that I never possibly could.

Domina has informed me that she needs to feel like a woman and has needs that I can never meet.  She will ALWAYS get her intimate/sexual needs met, and that in order to do that she will only have sexual relationships with REAL men.  Since I am not a man in her eyes, her sexual relationships are none of my business.  My only responsibility as her husband (wife?) is to ensure that she can always get the pleasure she wants.

She will have relationships with anyone she wants, whenever she wants, and ONLY with real men. Her body is hers, and her sexual relationships are between her and any MAN she chooses.  Since I'm not a man, I will not be allowed to touch or feel her pussy, ever again (unless she tells me otherwise, and then usually only to show me what she feels like after a real man has satisfied her).

To me, this is how any marriage should be.  My wife has needs, and these should ALWAYS be met!

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