Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Averagely Ordinary.

I am Miss X. If you met me in real life, away from the internet, you'd probably look right through me. Most anyone who saw me wouldn't think past considering that I'm a plain-jane, ordinary housewife. There isn't much remarkable about me on first sight, I fade easily into the woodwork. Although I'm opinionated and frequently witty, it would take time for you to notice that--that's if you even chose to engage me in conversation. My husband isn't much different. In fact, he's quiet, so there might not even be a time when you'd notice him enough to strike up a casual chat. If you did, you wouldn't get much out of him.

No, there's not much star quality about either of us. We're typical people, blending easily into crowds and going about our normal lives in a normal, average way. But, we have a secret. It's a secret life we play out under the perfect averageness of our every day. If you saw us in public and paid attention, you might notice something different about how we talk to each other, the roles we play.

Do you think you can guess our secret? It's not hard, given the clues above. Our secret is this--my husband is not the dominant character in our household. He is not the head, regardless that he brings home the paycheck. He does not make decisions, is not allowed to drive our family vehicle without permission. His first priority is to do my bidding in all things, from shaving my legs and brushing my hair, to doing the housework and providing me with a lifestyle that I can be pleased with.

This is not a blog about sex. It is an adult blog, but not for pornographic reasons. This is a blog for me to talk about what I am learning about our marriage and my husband. We have been together for ten years, and this is a facet of him that I am just now being introduced to. This is a place for me to talk about that and to discuss what it's like to be the controller of this relationship in a society where more frequently the male is dominant. We don't do heavy bondage, aren't into extremes of pain. I will spank him and inflict punishments on him for disobedience and not pleasing me, but nothing that would make any self-respecting male fear for his genital integrity.

This is not a place for judgment. As a friend of mine likes to say, everyone's got their kink. It doesn't matter what yours is, because whatever makes you and your partner happy is nobody's business but yours. This makes us happy right now--it might make us blissful for the rest of time, or we might decide this isn't us in a week or two. I don't know, but for now, this is who we are. There's an ass for every seat, and our asses have found this seat.

This IS a place for respectful conversation. I will delete anyone who cares to toss insults and denigrate our relationship. If you'd like to voice your negative opinions, start your own blog. If you'd like to ask questions or chat about our choices and what it's like to live this way, bring it on.

This is going to be a place to laugh and have fun. I will make jokes with Mr. X and at his expense as well. I enjoy a good laugh, and some say I have a great sense of humor. Not everything in our life centers around this, but Mr. X and I both believe that sailing is smoother with a woman captain, and I make the best decisions for our family. The focus of this blog will be our lifestyle roles, but occasionally there will be times to chat about other fun things.

This is also going to be a place for Mr. X to post his confessions and pictures of his punishments as they're needed. Perhaps I'll allow him to post his own opinions on the rare occasion when I allow him to have one.

Deep breath, on!

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